Update from Sand Hollow

We got back from the Sand Hollow trip safe and sound. It was great to really be able to make repetitive dives there and get a good feel for what is out there. We did all of our diving in the no-boating area to the right of the boat ramp. First off there is a small buoy attached to a platform at about 30′. It is about 75 yards from the shore. If you swim up to the left of that, you get some nice lake grass and some canyons as you get closer to the rock islands. To the right, it gets a little deeper but there is not the grass, more of just a muddy bottom without much to see. The thermocline was around 40′ with temps in the mid 70’s above it and the high 60’s below it.

Coming off from the north side of the platform is a rope that stretches north and will take you to a direction sign. (St George that way, the plane this way, the dive shop the other way etc.) The sign is about 100′ to the north.

After swimming along the first rope for about 30′, you will see a second rope heading east. Following this rope for about 8 minutes will lead you to the buoyancy course. The course is located in a canyon and has about 5 hula hoops/diamonds to swim through as well as 2 larger diameter pipes. These are located at various depths of about 28-40′.

Now here is where it gets tricky. When you are in the canyon, toward the south end of the buoyancy course, hang a 90* turn and head up and out of the canyon heading toward the lake (not back to shore). You will go up and over a ridge, another canyon, another ridge and a third canyon. Keep your depth about 35′ and you will pick up another rope that will lead you to the VW van. It is sitting about 25′ deep. The van is fun as you can go in and out of the back, side door and driver’s side door. Be careful not to get stuck.

Watch your air since at this point, you will be getting to about 1/2 a tank if not lower. Now it’s going to get even more vague. If you continue to swim out toward the lake (not the shore) and keep the shallower side on your left and your depth about 40′, you may eventually find the plane. It is a small single seat Cessna. Be forewarned, there is still a pilot in the cockpit! We found the plane by surface swimming out and then dropping down to 40′ and dang near landing right on it. Next trip I want to double check finding the plane from the van but this is how it felt like it was laid out.

From the surface, the plane can be found by swimming out until you are just on the shallow side and to the left of the first large rock that is south of the island. It is a long swim to try and get out and back on 1 tank so be prepared for some surface swimming.