Bahamas on the Aqua Cat

Our third trip in six years recently returned from diving the Bahamas on the Aqua Cat.

This live-aboard is a crowd favorite and we anticipate a return in 2014. This year we were a little leery due to hurricane season but the weather was perfect. It rained on us twice and within a few hours the sun was back out.

The Aqua Cat has been visiting Eleuthera more and more. Normally the boat leaves Nassau and heads east to the Exumas. After a few days there, they will continue another 2-3 hours east to the south end or “boot” of Eleuthera. This offers a few more sites and some of the best diving of the week. The night dive on Split Coral Head was one of the best. I confess to taking sadistic pleasure from feeding blood worms to coral. 

These little worms come out and gather in front of your light. Put your light up next to feeding coral and poof, you get a little pink explosion as the worms are devoured. Other dive highlights included the drift dive through the Washing Machine, the shark dive and Blacktip Wall.