Local Dives

Local Dives

How many times has someone asked us, “Diving in Utah?” I’d tell you the number but you probably won’t believe it. We are actually really lucky. With hot springs like the Crater, Seabase and Blue Lake we are lucky to be able to dive year round. Add summer destinations like Sand Hollow, Bear Lake, Fish Lake and Flaming Gorge and we are a divers paradise!! Join us as we explore the sites around the state


Pool Dives

Too busy for a dive trip? We know life gets in the way of our diving so make sure you get wet at least every 6 months with a pool dive. A quick pool dive is a great way to stay current and keep those gills from drying up! You can jump in with a buddy or if it’s been a while, you can schedule a one night Refresher Class. Call Dive Utah to find a time to come down and get wet in the pool.


2024 Local Dive Calendar

Sand Hollow

Date: July 20, 2024

Sand Hollow

Date: August 17, 2024

Sand Hollow

Date: Sept 28, 2024

  • There is no charge to join us for a local dive (except for rental gear and Sand Hollow State Park entry fee).  Please call ahead to register so we know how many divers to expect. 
  • Need rental gear?  Ask about discount packages.  Reservations are required for rental gear and you need to pick your equipment up at the shop, NOT at the lake.
  • Air Fills- Please call ahead to check if the air trailer will be at the dive site.  If so, fills are $15.  If not, you will need to bring extra tanks. Dixie Divers operates the “Dive Shack” at Sand Hollow for rentals, fills and some small items.


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