Advanced Dive Training

Improve your skills

You are Open Water certified, that is awesome! The diving world is your oyster and ready for you to explore it…except…you have only scratched the surface.

Does a martial arts student stop at yellow belt? Does a skier stop once he has learned the wedge?

Entry level training certifies you to a 60’maximum depth in conditions similar to where you learned. This just in – there is a whole lot more diving out there beyond 60’! What about Devils’ Throat in Cozumel? (A swim through tube that starts at 80’ and ends at 130’.) What about the manta ray night dive off the big island in Hawaii? (Powerful lights off the back of the dive boat attract plankton that brings in mantas.) What about beach dives at La Jolla Shores? (One of San Diego’s most popular sites that requires going through waves to get to the site.) What about an ice dive at Deer Creek Reservoir? (Ok, not everyone is in to it but it is the ultimate been there, done that!!) What about a job teaching in the South Pacific? (The ocean is your office!) What about the wreck of the Aida in the Red Sea off Egypt? (A deep wreck at 150’you can penetrate and explore.)

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Advanced training is extremely flexible when it comes to scheduling. Most have 1-2 classroom sessions, maybe a pool dive (maybe not) and then 1-2 sessions at an open water site like the Crater or Sand Hollow.   Please call the shop closest to you or use the “Sign up Now” to get started scheduling your class.


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