Bahamas and Cozumel Reports 2021

We wanted to share some details from the last few trips we have run.  In November we took some holdovers from a canceled April trip to the Bahamas.  A negative Covid test was required to get into the Bahamas.  Once there you had to stay on the boat (it was a Blackbeards liveaboard).  Some of the crew wore masks, some didn’t.  It was more up to you and level of comfort.  We had a second group earlier this month.  You still needed the negative test to get in.  You uploaded the results to a webpage and had to opt in for a $60 insurance policy that would cover your stay if you tested postive while there.  You also needed a negative test to get back home.  This is not that big of an issue.  Most other countries have required these so both the Bahamas and Mexico were set up to make it happen on the day before your flight.  In fact the testers came to the boat and you got your results with a print out for the airline a few minutes later.  

I personally just got back from the Mexico trip.  No test was needed to enter Mexico.  You did answer some health questions with both the airline and the resort (Sunscapes Cozumel).  Naturally you needed to mask up during travel.  All workers at the resort were masked up all the time.  Some wore gloves.  Buffets are not happening.  They served you.  They did a quick wipe down of chairs and tables between parties.  On the dive boat, they took your temperature before boarding and the crew had pull-up buffs they wore.  The day before we left, they had a testing area set up.  Due to another party (not related to us) getting EXTREMELY MAD after hearing about their positive result, they told us later that night.  Happy to say our 24 people all were allowed to leave!!  Our resort did have a policy in place where we would be able to stay an extra 14 extra days if needed.  Before you think about an extra 2 weeks, remeber-you would bascially have to stay in your room the whole time with meals delivered to you.  Not exactly an extra vacation!!

I was surprised at how many dive boats we saw out on the water.  Cozueml is probably the most popular dive spot in this hemisphere.  Downtown was deserted with no cruise ships.  Our resort was maybe half filled.  They did have a few restaurants closed at various times since they were not as busy.  That lead to some waiting but I get it.  On the water I counted close to 50 other dive boats.  I have counted 75 previously pre-Covid.  Hawaii, Mexico and Florida have been the popular places for travelers.  Naturally we will see other islands open back up but it may take a while.  We have our fingers crossed for Indonesia next February!!!  In the meantime we have 3 other Bahamas trips set for the fall (Sorry-2 are already filled!)  Call the shop for details 801-277-3483.