Diving in the age of COVID

Sooo, anything interesting happen this year??  That’s the understatement of the year!!  To answer a few question-Yes, we are still open.  The Holladay shop opens at noon instead of 9am and Saturday is only 12-4pm.  We are doing all the “new normal” cleaning and disinfecting that you would expect.  Both in the shop and with the gear.  We are running classes.  This March-May was a harsh reminder of just how closely tied to travel our business is.  If ya’ll ain’t traveling, ya’ll ain’t diving (that much).  We have been pleasantly surprised that we have as many classes as we do when travel is just starting to open back up.  I know some people are just plan bored, others are doing classes because other summer plans got cancelled.  We are happy to see you regardless!!

So what will diving look like going forward?  Well in my opinion, masks aren’t going anywhere.  At least divers have been wearing masks since forever!  The extra steps for cleaning gear is not a bad thing either.  We do a lot in a chlorinated environment which I think helps.  Boats that are open are distancing and running with smaller numbers.  That could mean prices go up since they will not have the same volume on the boats.  We shall see.

Travel is just starting to open with the Bahamas leading the way as of July 1.  A negative COVID test is required prior to 5 days of arrival.  You must fill out some info ahead of time, upload the results and show the hard copy.  I believe this will also be the new normal for at least a few months.  

If you had COVID, make sure you get checked out prior to diving again.  Obviously some people who get the severe case may be done if they suffered any lung damage.  Those who didn’t feel anything should still get the OK just to make sure.  

We will try to keep you updated as we hear more.  Until then, stay safe but don’t stay dry!!!–Dave