Sand Hollow Dive This Weekend!!

We have our second trip to Sand Hollow scheduled for this weekend. The weather forecast is hot and sunny so bring plenty of sunscreen and water. Talking to local dive shops, they say the water is about 76* with a thermocline at 30′ where it drops to 72*. I am bringing my 3mm and 5mm just in case. We are looking forward to really exploring the lake. We are going to bring a few floats so we can really map out the bottom and get a good idea of where everything is. The air trailer will be there and fills will be $5 each. We are planning on meeting at 10am and hanging out pretty much all day into the evening. Sunday morning we will be back and plan on hanging around until about noon. If you miss out, we will be back there September 25 for our annual BBQ/Treasure Hunt. Details coming next week!!