You will see a lot of these posts to let you know when the latest and greatest toys come in. Here are the latest…

Akona Snorkel Kit-$75
This is a very basic snorkel kit that includes a pretty good mask, ok snorkel and bag and a pair of fins. The fins are basically glorified snorkeling fins so don’t try to wear them if you are planning to dive in cooler water. Warm water might even be a stretch. Basically this is a small step up from the Costco stuff you sometimes see. Still, it is a good package for kids or the casual snorkeler rather then renting stuff. (Other people’s faces and mouths–ehh-gross!) It comes in blue and the fins run 2 sizes- small and regular.

ImageImageImageFreestyle Watches-$55
Every diver needs a watch and these are the original water watches. I had a Shark watch spending the summers as a kid at the Jersey Shore. Well the 80’s are back with some great fun colors.

Shaka Shoes-$24-$48
Get your Shaka on straight from Hawaii! These are the most comfortable flip flops you will ever wear. We have had them in the shop before and the new ones are even better with Shark Tooth Grip on the bottom. (Sounds scary) New this year are the Cabanas. Maybe you have seen this style at REI or other sporting goods stores. They are super comfy and made from 100% recyclable resources. Comfy and green – how about that?