Camera Bag and California

We just got in another goodie from Akona. They make some great bags and now we have their Deluxe Camera Roller Carry On. This is for the folks who want to take really good care of their underwater housings and cameras. It is also the ultimate carry on bag.

ImageNaturally it has wheels and a retractable handle. There is a sleeve that slips on to the back to carry your lap top while you are running to make your connection. Once on the plane, the sleeve slips out and the front of the bag zips off into a back pack to carry your wallet, phone, ipod etc. You stow the rest of the bag in the overhead and keep your back pack and lap top with you for easy access.

The bag is cushioned and has velcro dividers that can be moved or removed to allow you to configure it however you need. The cushion/divider part can be removed and you could use it as a regular bag. It is on the larger size for a carry-on but it does still meet the size guidelines. Basically you need to turn it sideways to have it fit as opposed to just sliding in.

The bag lists for $300 but if you come in and tell me you want one before the end of the year and say you saw it here, I will give you 20% off!! We have a dive trip heading out to Southern California tomorrow night for 3 day on the Horizon. If I can get a phone signal on the boat, I plan to make some live updates so check back Thursday, Friday and Saturday to see what you are missing!!