The Destroyer of Cameras!


So I love to take pictures.  Who doesn’t?  I have tried taking pictures in the deep bluewith wet results.  I started with a rental on my first Carribean trip.  It was 1995, my girlfriend and I were on the Caribbean Explorer, a live-aboard that left St Martin and dove around Saba and St Kitts.  They had a Nikonos V for rent.  This was “the camera” back in the day.  Remember, we are talking a film camera.  35mmslide film.  They had a dark room on board and would process all 36 exposures on the roll between dives and through the wonder of modern technology it only took an hour or so before you could actually look at all (36) of the pictures!!  It was like magic!!!  

Ahh those were the days!  I went on to some Sea and Sea cameras and theydidn’t like getting wet.  Flooded one, bought a replacement on ebay and flooded that on the next trip.  Went on to a Go Pro style video camera.  I had much better luck with this, in fact it is still alive and I use it from time to time.  The only problem is that since it is an HD video camera, the footage is beautiful but HUGE.  Takes up a ton of memory and not really easy to play with and edit, especially on my phone.  I’ll admit it, I’m lazy.  And since I dive a lot, I have a lot of projects that I have never finished.  


So that means that the last few trips, I have just been “diving”.  How boring is that???  Enter the Sealife Micro 2.0 camera.  We have looked at becoming a Sealife dealer for a few years but it never happened.  Once we heard about this camera, we jumped on board.  Why, you ask?  BECAUSE IT IS WATERPROOF.  Not just sealed up with an oring and a lock, the camera is waterproof.  There are no openings.  There are some metal contacts that come in contact with a USB cablefor charging and downloading.  Of course you don’t need to download it with the cable because it has WIFI and download to your camera wirelessly. 

So the camera is super easy to use.  It automatically does some flitering if you are snorkeling, diving, diving in green water or have an external light.  It does video as well and you can take stills during the filming.  It has plenty of settings you can play with if you want to go that route but looks like it takes great shots pretty much right off of the box.  I will be diving with this in Roatan coming up in August.  Pictures to follow!!