Do you Blue?

Every so often one of Scubapro’s regulator’s enters the “LEGENDARY” category.  The old MK10-G250was a work horse and set the bar back in the early 90’s.  The Air 2 revolutionized the octopus.  The current version of the MK20-S600 has entered that realm.  Once it got there, Scubapro started having fun.  They offered a Titanium version, a Tech Black version, a GOLD 50th Anniversary version and the latest, the Deep Blue.

First the techy stuff.  The full name is the Deep Blue Titanium Core.  The interior barrel is made of super light weight titanium to be corrosion resistant and offer great breathing. The outside of both first and second stage has a “jewel-colored deep blue PVD finish”  This means high scratch and corrosion resistance.

Blah, blah, blah.  Did I say it looks awesome!!!  The first stage especially the blue just glistens in the sun and since it is scratch resistant, it will look beautiful for years to come.  Sure it costs a little more but hey, you’re worth it!!!