JAMES MORGAN, WAKE UP!! Not literally of course but from the dream like haze you find yourself you in day after day after day. Wake up from the dreams you have of a better life for you and your family. Don’t give up on those dreams, but stop dreaming and make it a reality. That is the vision of Team GreenGo. You have told us you are a busy executive, you have told us you travel for work, you have told us about your plans for a Caribbean Resort. Let us tell you about our plan to help you achieve this.

This was the essence of our Marketing Proposal that we presented this morning. After an intro that took some candid photos of the PADI staff and told a story of a man stuck in a dead end job, we presented the various aspects of our plan against a power point back drop of various logos of the programs we were selling.

It went well enough. Our plan was in some ways the most sound in that we were the only ones who really addressed the issues of his schedule. However we did get bogged down in our presentation. We didn’t bullet point to death and that lead to some wandering. Of course when 7 people all have ideas about what is important, well….

Some of the other groups had some neat ideas. My favorite was the yellow group, Team Tweetie. They took Tweetie and ran with it. They had some great class packages including Master Tweetie, Break the Cage and Rule the Roost.

After a Project Aware presentation and lunch we headed back to our break out rooms and gave another presentation, this time on Instructor Con-Ed. And of course, we rocked it!!

Oh yes, and there is a Tropical Storm coming.