Hogle Zoo – Rocky Shores

The Hogle Zoo has a fun new exhibit called Rocky Shores.

Seals and sea lions are in one tank and Rizzo, the polar bear is in the other. These tanks are large with Plexiglas sides so you can see the animals as they swim around in the water. The harbor seals are almost always playing and will come right up to the window to watch you!!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays you can sometimes see divers in the water doing some maintenance. Dive Utah has been helping the zoo crew get set up with gear and training. They typically use a Brownie’s Huka compressor (surface supplied air) with Ocean Reef full face masks. These have communications units built in and allow the divers to talk with each other and the surface tender. Since the water is chilly year round, they use Scubapro EverDry drysuits.

Several Dive Utah staff are volunteers and help out with the dives.