Intro to Tec Night

You’ve seen them on Discovery Channel, divers with multiple tanks diving deeper than you do. Come on, you know you’re curious… 

What is Tec Diving?
Tec (short for Technical) diving is basically diving beyond recreational limits in terms of depth and bottom time. This can be done with advanced training and equipment configurations. Double tanks become the norm.

Side mounting double tanks eliminates the need to carry heavy manifolded double tanks. By carrying them on your side, you can see your valves and they help establish better horizontal trim.

Come to our Intro to Tec seminar to learn a little more about the PADI Tec/Rec courses we offer-the Sidemount Specialty, Tec 40, 45 and 50.

Wanna try?
Bring your bathing suit and your c-card and jump in the pool and try out a Hollis SMS 100, the premier sidemount BCD. Best of all, it’s FREE!