Sea the Change Conservation Video Contest

Close the gap between conservation ideas and conservation action

Every day divers are doing things – big and small – to protect the underwater environments they care about. Together we are giving the ocean a voice.

That’s why PADI just launched a conservation video contest “Sea the Change” to let people see and share what fellow ocean lovers are doing to help.

Two ways you can participate in Sea the Change:
Capture you love for underwater environments on video. Simply grab your video camera and upload a short clip about what sea life you love and what you’re doing to make a difference. Every little action counts. By sharing what you’re doing, you may inspire others to take action. Your ocean action video might just win you $5,000. Plus, PADI will donate an extra $5,000 to conservation through Project AWARE on your behalf.

Even if you’re not ready to submit a video today…if you just spread the word about this campaign, then you’re doing something good for the environment. Every little action counts towards change. – Vote on your favorite videos- Share the links from these inspiring videos with your friends- Comment about your favorite conservation efforts on the PADI blog – Spread the word on Facebook or Twitter

If you are organizing or taking part in a Dive For Earth Day event why not take on the opportunity to capture your event on video and show what you did to put ocean protection on the Earth Day map?

Help ignite a viral conservation effort or be the change you want to sea.Enter in the Sea the Change Conservation Video Contest.Go to Sea the Change.