Horizon – California Trip

California’s Channel Islands have long been a Utah diver’s playground. With reasonable airfare available, it is an easy getaway for a weekend or more of great diving. If you want the most diving possible, then join Dive Utah for a live-aboard trip on the Horizon.

ImageThe Horizon is an 85’ boat based in San Diego. You will be diving around San Clemente Island and the kelp forests off the coast of Southern California. Apart from that, you will see seals and sea lions, sharks, eels, lobsters, garibaldi and enjoy diving in the kelp forests that abound in this area. Nitrox is also available if you want to be able to extend your bottom times. This is our most popular trip of the year with a lot of repeat customers who come out year after year.

You will board the Horizon the night of July 7 and the boat will depart from San Diego for the Channel Islands around 11pm. You wake up on the morning of July 8, anchored at a great dive site and ready to go. You proceed to eat and dive for the next 2 ½ days as we explore Southern California’s kelp forests. We return to San Diego the evening of July 10 and disembark. $550* for a 2 person cabin or $505* for a 4 person cabin or dormitory bunk includes all your meals, diving and lodging. Transportation can be arranged.

*This is the special cash/check/debit card price. Add 3 % for credit cards.