Dive Seminars

On Tuesday October 20 there are 2 seminars that you attend and learn more about diving.

Dive Utah-Odgen will be hosting a Drysuit Seminar presented by OS System Drysuits. This is the perfect chance to learn more about drysuits and even demo one in the pool. RSVP with Greg with your ht/wt at 801-394-8842.

If you live in Utah County (or want to make a drive), you can attend a Dive Safe Seminar at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center Northwest Plaza Auditorium.

Upon conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize situations when it is appropriate to contact Divers Alert Network when medical information is needed during SCUBA diving.
  • Identify the best way to counsel patients regarding womens’ health issues such as PMS, decompression illness risk, birthcontrol pills and diving, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.
  • Define nitrogen narcosis and discuss several ways of testing for this while diving.
  • Discuss the history and physiologic uses of NITROX.
  • State the meaning of 32EAN.
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of NITROX.
  • Discuss the following dive “clocks”: Oxygen toxicity (CNS and Pulmonary), decompression (nitrogen elimination), hypoxia (PO2 <= 0.16ATA), and carbon dioxide (PCO2 >= 3%).
  • Identify risks for breathing

This will be conducted by Eugene Worth, MD, the Medical Director of the Department of Hyperbaric Medcine, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

There is no fee to attend this conference but registration is required. To register go online at www.intermountainphysician.org/cme/divesafe2009.