The Ultimate Toy Store

As many of you know, Dive Utah has moved around a bit since it’s beginnings almost 20 years ago. We started out on Redwood Road, moved to Main Street in 1986 and finally came to rest on the second floor of an old ski shop in Holladay in 1989. The location was a bit odd, but the draw was a large outdoor pool. Measuring 60′ long, 30′ wide and 12′ deep, the pool was originally built for the Matterhorn Swim and Ski Shop. It was by far the largest pool that was owned by a dive shop in Utah. A great pool, a beautiful pool, but an outdoor pool that could only be used for a little more than a quarter of the year.

The shop itself was . . . well, unique. While it stocked state-of-the-art equipment, the space it had to show it all off was limited. Many people loved the nautical air that the ship’s wheel, bell and telegraph brought to the shop. Kids loved the large inflatable shark. It certainly had the “funky, old dive shop ” look. It was with more than a little regret that the old shop came crashing down in the spring of 1998.

In it’s place a new shop has sprung up. The pool is still there, well sort of. It’s been completely remodeled with all new plumbing and filters, new tiles and surfacing. Best of all it’s enclosed so we can use it all year. But the most important things are inside. We have almost three times as much floor space as we used to. Innovative displays for regulators and BCD’s will make shopping and deciding easier. We will be able to fill and rent Nitrox tanks right on site. We have two large classrooms and an incredibly flexible schedule ready to fit anyone’s day planner.

You’re cordially invited to stop on by and check out our new pride and joy. Our policy of letting you try out any of the gear we stock in the pool first is still in effect. We also still allow Dive Utah alumni to grab gear and jump in the pool to brush up on their skills for free. (Non-alumni need only pay $10) So bring your bathing suit and your c-card and come on down to the best toy shop in town.

Let’s go diving!
Fall 1998