G-500 and Other New Diving Toys at Dive Utah

In this month’s column I’d like to talk about the most important toy we take underwater with us, the regulator. Since this is the life support of our scuba system, let’s talk about the best of the best; high performance first and second stages. Scubapro‚ has long been a leader in regulator innovation and they’ve done it again with the MK 20 first stage and G500 second stage.

MK-20For the last ten years the G250 has been the high performance reg to beat. Well, the G500 beats it and does so while being 15% smaller. It has a sleek, compact look with “soft touch” controls that are easy to adjust even with gloves on. Not only is it smaller and lighter but with a new lever and diaphragm, it’s deep diving inhalation effort is 25% easier. Add to this the MK 20 first stage, the top performing first stage in the Scubapro line. The MK 20 is also available in an Ultra-Light version made from aluminum alloy and weighs half as much as the standard MK20. Dive Utah is pleased to announce we have added the Mares line of scuba equipment to our inventory.

22 Ruby TitaniumNot only do we now stock the Mares six-window mask and famous Avanti Quattro fins but also the new 22 Ruby Titanium regulator. It has a titanium coating over all the metal parts of the first and second stages which guarantees incredible abrasion and corrosion resistance. Plus it has an actual ruby in the first stage! The ruby takes the place of the conventional high-pressure valve and is corrosion resistant as well as suffering no wear over time.

This means a longer life cycle than that of conventional valves. The G500 and 22 Ruby Titanium are two of the best examples of cutting edge, state of the art regulators. For even the most casual of recreational divers, these regulators will provide outstanding reliability and superior performance that is an essential as part of our life support system.

Let’s go diving!
Fall 1998