Fiji – Paradise Taveuni

Date: Oct 24, 2024 - Nov 2, 2024

Soft corals?  Yes please!!  Fiji is the undisputed king of soft corals.  The  iridescent blues, pinks, purples and reds are truly stunning.  With currents moving through the Somosomo Straights, soft corals can thrive in this area.  Dive site names like Rainbow Reef, and White Wall give you an idea of what we will see when you join the Holladay shop in Fiji.

Cost: $3700

Fiji Hotel

Additional Information

Fiji is one of those magical places where the name itself is enough to get reactions.  Just mention it to your fiends that you are thinking of going there and see what they say.  Palm trees, beaches, friendly locals, soft corals, anemones and who can forget kava! Join us as we explore the island of Taveuni and stay and dive at Paradise Taveuni.  This will be our 4th visit to Paradise in the last 5 years so that should tell you how we feel about the place!!  The second you arrive, you are treated like family.  From the calls of “Welcome Home” from the staff to the calf and foot rub, you know you are someplace special.

Located on the international dateline, every beautiful day begins on Taveuni!  Our resort offers everything you would want when you think of a Fijian vacation. From the pool to the spa, there is plenty to do or not do as you relax between dives.  5 days of 2 tanks morning dives, 4 days of 1 tank afternoon dives, a night dive and shore dives are included in our package.  The diving takes place in the famous Somosomo Straight, home to the Rainbow Reef.  When the sun is shining and the soft corals are extended, you can not beat the colors you see.  Translucent reds, blues, purples and yellows are unlike anything you have seen before.  And of course the fish life, schools of fish shimmer and glide in and around you as you explore the sites.  There are some currents but that allows the corals to feed.

Our package includes 3 boat dives per day for 5 days, unlimited shore dives as well as a night dive.  Nitrox is available for $10 per tank.  All meals are made to order.

Island tours, waterfall hikes and village visits can be arranged for a small fee.

$3900* includes roundtrip air from LAX to Fiji, lodging, meals, 5 days of diving,  transfers, taxes, pre trip party and a trip gift.  Air from SLC to LAX is NOT included as well as booze and tip.

*This is the cash/check discount price.  Regular price add 3%.  Price is subject to change and is based on Double Occupancy.  Single supplement will be extra.  Deposits may be non-refundable and cancellation charges may apply.  Please read Trip Policies prior to deposit.





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