About Greg Parsons

Locations: All, Holladay

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

I am a Master Scuba Diver Trainer who started out with no intention of going beyond Open Water certification. I made an immediate connection with diving and fell in love with the ocean. There are so many truly amazing things you get to see underwater, so I did just about every training there was including technical diving. I even worked at PADI for a while. I love sharing the joys of scuba and opening new eye’s to our scuba world. Let us show you why we love the underwater world!

Diving Since – 2012

Favorite Class to Teach/Assist With – Rescue and TEC.

Real Job – Software development

Favorite Food – All Mexican food

Favorite Music/Band – I love tons of music from Metal, to electronic, reggae and country. They all have their place with me.

Favorite Dive Destination – Roatan and Utila have been some of my most favorite┬ádive sites.

Favorite Underwater Critter – Octopus have to be the absolute coolest thing in the sea! With their ability to think, change shape and color and have personalities! They are amazing creatures.