About Jake Sanchez

Locations: All, Holladay

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Some good friends ( Jeremy & Michelle R ) led me into the deep blue. I had never imagined that so much beauty and intrigue were under the water. SCUBA diving falls into the category of things that I enjoy most in life. I love water sports and water in general. Skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, wake surfing, swimming, and sunny beaches. One of the things that I enjoy the most about teaching is when I see the look in peoples eyes when they realize they can breathe underwater. I enjoy diving everywhere, even in Utah.


Diving Since- 2007

Favorite Class to Teach/Assist With- Advanced Open Water

Real Job- Fire Fighter/Paramedic

Favorite Food- Favorite thing is to not have a favorite

Favorite Music/Band- See above….

Favorite Dive Destination- Grand Bahama

Favorite Underwater Critter- Octopus