About Annie Farasopoulos

Locations: All, Holladay

IDC Staff Instructor - DAN Instructor

Annie is Dive Utah’s first homegrown instructor from BYU’s scuba program, facilitated by our staff at Dive Utah. She moved from excited student in 2012 to seasoned IDC Staff Instructor in 2016. Annie loves anything technical and deep: if there’s a wreck or a swim-through, you can bet she’s in there with her SeaLife camera. In addition to being an IDCSI, Annie is also a registered Cylinder Inspector, Scubapro Repair Technician, and has been a member of the retail staff at Dive Utah since 2015.


  • Favorite Class to Teach- Drysuit, Public Safety Diver
  • Real Job- Hyperbaric Safety Director/CHT/AEMT at St. Mark’s Hospital
  • Favorite Food- a nice juicy steak
  • Favorite Music/Band- Grateful Dead
  • Favorite Dive Destination- The Bahamas
  • Favorite Underwater Critter- mantis shrimp, lobster
  • Diving Since- 2012