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Mermaid Class for Kids and Adults!!

It’s not just for Ariel anymore!!  Join Dive Utah and Aqua Native as we offer PADI Mermaid certifications.  These fun classes teach basic free dive techniques, how to use a monofin and basic mermaid swimming and performance techniques.  Best of all, all equipment rental is included in the price!

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There is a variety of mermaid course options for both adults and youth. To learn more, click here.

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A minimum age of 6 for the Discover Mermaid Experience. Age requirements increase for more advanced courses.

Gear Requirements

Equipment required for mermaiding is minimal. Your instructor will guide you on the best monofin and tail for your age and skill level.

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Paperwork will depend on which course you attend. To learn more about Mermaid Course options, please click here.

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