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DivemasterAt Dive Utah we know how it feels to love diving.

Look at us, we work here!!

When you want to turn pro, it's time to become a Divemaster. Part tour guide, part equipment gopher, part assistant instructor, you'll do it all as a Divemaster.

About the Class
In the Watermanship and Skill Assessment portion, you'll demonstrate your comfort in the water and refine your diving skills to the point of being able to demonstrate them for students.

In the Knowledge Development portion, you'll learn more about the theory of diving, including dive planning, dive management and control, supervising students in training, physics, physiology, equipment, skills and environment and dive tables.

In the Practical Application portion, you'll work with actual Open Water students in both the confined and open water and lead advanced specialty dives like night and deep dives.

You'll need to be 18 or older and PADI Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver certified or equivalent. You need to be in good physical condition for diving and have a diving-medical exam conducted within the last year. You must have a minimum of 40 logged dives to begin the course and have a minimum of 60 logged dives prior to certification. As a Divemaster, you are expected to have your own equipment that is professional, both in appearance as well as performance. (Tanks and weights can be provided.) Liability and medical statements MUST be signed prior to the first class.

Schedule and Price
At Dive Utah, we take pride in our Divemasters. They are highly trained individuals who have many responsibilities from leading local Dive-Alongs to leading California trips. To attain this professional level of diving, the training is both extensive and expensive. The price of our Divemaster course is $800. This includes the PADI Instructor manual, Divemaster manual, Encyclopedia, Divemaster slates, Scuba Tune-Up Guidebook, Pro Logbook and PADI carry bag. The class runs for approximately 4 months, meeting once or twice a week. Please call the shop closest to you or use the “Sign up Now” to get started scheduling your class.

PADI eLearning
Take the academic portion of the course online through PADI's online interactive programs and then finish your inwater and practical elements with Dive Utah.



Love to dive? Want to share that love with others?
Turn pro with the PADI Divemaster course at Dive Utah!