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Can Your "Light the Fire Within" When You're Underwater?

Grand Turk

In the weeks preceding the Winter Olympics arrival in Salt Lake, locals in the valley were told to expect crowds on the freeways, crowds downtown, crowds at the venues and did I mention crowds on the freeways? With this in mind I was only too happy to head south for the first week of the Olympics. Off we flew to the island of Grand Turk. Grand Turk is located in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Draw a line from the Bahamas to Puerto Rico and you'll go right over Grand Turk. Read more about Can Your "Light the Fire Within" When You're Underwater?

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Viva Cuba!


Tired of the same old bourgeoisie diving in capitalist countries throughout the Caribbean? Throw off the shackles of oppressive Divemasters and find freedom in the socialist divers paradise of Cuba. I was able to get in touch with my red side on a live aboard trip to visit our communist brothers to the south. Read more about Viva Cuba!

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