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You have always been told the maximum depth of recreational scuba is 130’. Recreational scuba … yes, but what about technical diving? What is down there past 130’ ? What happens to your body down at those depths? What happens to air consumption, what happens to nitrogen absorption, what happens to gas narcosis? What about equipment and extra tanks and what happens if something goes wrong? What do you need to know to go that deep and survive?

PADI’s Tec/Rec training is designed to take a good diver and make them better.

Learn the skills and planning that lowers the risks of deep diving to the point that we can reach deeper depths and come back up again.

One piece of equipment some divers choose is a rebreather. This sophisticated piece of cutting edge technology falls under the heading of technical diving since it can be used to reach those same depths.


 PADI TecRec


When you are ready - Technical Diving.