New Traveler's Package

New Traveler's Package

The Holladay shop has put together a true travelling diver's package!

We start with the Scubapro GO BCD. The GO has light and snag resistant material to reduce the overall weight of the jacket. It is still weight integrated but has an Air-Net ergonomic backpack that is lightweight and soft enough to be allowed to fold up for easy of travel. It has the Air 2 instead of a regular inflator so the regular can have one less hose.

The regulator is the Scubapro MK11-C300 that is perfect for travel with a lighter weight first stage. We add a basic pressure gauge and then the Scubapro Meridian watch-style computer to keep track of depth, time and remaining bottom time.

Since the main components are all Scubapro, this qualifies for the Scubapro Parts for Life Warranty that will save you hundreds on parts during the life of your regulator.

Come down and dive it in the pool today!