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Scubapro 100% Credit Back on Purchase

Scubapro has announced a special deal for equipment buyers. When you buy Scubapro mask, snorkel and fins, we will give 100% credit of that price toward the purchase of Scubapro BCD, regulator and computer. Spend $200 on snorkel gear, get $200 off scuba gear. What's the catch? It must all be Scubapro equipment and the deal ends October 15, 2009. Come down and try the new MK25-A700 regulator today!! Read more about Scubapro 100% Credit Back on Purchase

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We Shore Dove Plenty!

Dive trip to Bonaire!

Earlier this year we headed to the undisputed king of shore diving, the "B" of the "ABC" Islands-Bonaire. Bonaire inspires loyalty unlike any other island. The vast majority of dives alongs its western side are accessible from the shore. Many people will visit and never set foot on a boat. Hence, the reason folks love it so much. You can do your own thing, at your pace, whenever you feel like it. Read more about We Shore Dove Plenty!

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Sorry I'm a Slacker - August BBQ

WOW, how it really been that long since I posted? My bad... Ok, so the next few days I will bring you up to speed.

First off - we are headed to Sand Hollow Reservoir near St George for our annual Treasure Hunt/BBQ. We will be there August 29 at 11am. The water is warm (82*), the vis is good (20Feet) and there is plenty to see (fish, VW bus and small plane). Join us for a great day of diving. Read more about Sorry I'm a Slacker - August BBQ

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New Camera and Regulator

It has been a long time coming but the new Intova Sport 8 camera and housing is finally here. This 8 mega pixel camera has a huge LCD screen which makes it easy to see underwater. The best part is that the camera it self is waterproof to 30' and once you put it in the housing, you can go 130'. As a person who has flooded a camera before, the idea that the camera might survive is a great relief. Read more about New Camera and Regulator

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June Fun Dives

We are headed out of town twice in June. On June 6, we will explore Sand Hollow Reservoir in St George. In conjunction with Aqua Sports, a local shop from St. George, we will be helping with a Project Aware clean up. We have heard good things about the diving there and are looking forward to checking it out first hand.

On June 19-20, we will be headed north to dive Bear Lake at Cisco Beach. Join us for a night dive the night of the 19th. Cisco Beach is great if you like camping, since you can stay right there on the beach.

Just a reminder, we have about 5 spots left on the Horizon live-aboard trip in July. This is our annual Southern California get away as we explore the kelp forests off the Channel Islands. Read more about June Fun Dives

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Fun Dive and Stimulus Plan

The weather is starting to warm up again and just in time. We are headed to Blue Lake next Saturday for our Specialty of the Month dive. The weather should be great. Give us a call to tell us you will be there. It will be the perfect time to jump into an Advanced, Rescue or Specialty class. Looking for a deal you say?

Introducing the Dive Utah Continuing Education Stimulus Plan. This bold initiative will make more diving available to the common man, from Main Street to Wall Street and beyond. Read more about Fun Dive and Stimulus Plan

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More News from Roatan

So it a windy afternoon which means no diving, perfect time to catch up. Wreck dive was great, fun to explore the wreck from the bottom up. We started in the engine room and came up through 4 floors to the top of the wheelhouse. 110 feet at the bottom, perfect dive for 31% nitrox! Dove with the dolphins yesterday afternoon. So cool to see their effortless swimming. Such power and grace. Made me feel a bit bulky and clunky compared to them. This morning we dove Mary's Place, a series of cracks in a wall that were just teeming with life. Definitely the best dive of the trip. Tons of sea fans, sponges and black coral. On the way home, we could see some weather coming, crazy when it hit. Read more about More News from Roatan

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