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Fun Dive and Stimulus Plan

The weather is starting to warm up again and just in time. We are headed to Blue Lake next Saturday for our Specialty of the Month dive. The weather should be great. Give us a call to tell us you will be there. It will be the perfect time to jump into an Advanced, Rescue or Specialty class. Looking for a deal you say?

Introducing the Dive Utah Continuing Education Stimulus Plan. This bold initiative will make more diving available to the common man, from Main Street to Wall Street and beyond. Read more about Fun Dive and Stimulus Plan

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More News from Roatan

So it a windy afternoon which means no diving, perfect time to catch up. Wreck dive was great, fun to explore the wreck from the bottom up. We started in the engine room and came up through 4 floors to the top of the wheelhouse. 110 feet at the bottom, perfect dive for 31% nitrox! Dove with the dolphins yesterday afternoon. So cool to see their effortless swimming. Such power and grace. Made me feel a bit bulky and clunky compared to them. This morning we dove Mary's Place, a series of cracks in a wall that were just teeming with life. Definitely the best dive of the trip. Tons of sea fans, sponges and black coral. On the way home, we could see some weather coming, crazy when it hit. Read more about More News from Roatan

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Hello from Roatan

WOW, we are in Roatan at our favorite resort in the world, Anthony's Key. It is HOT, like Africa hot outside. We started diving today; 2 sites right off the resort. Saw a big free swimming eel as soon as we got in the water to start off the day and a bunch of turtles on the second one. Really cute little one that just sat there watching us watch him. It was great to swim along the wall and look down into the abyss. We are diving a wreck tomorrow, can't wait. I love the wrecks here. We are on the Odyssey tomorrow and then we get to swim with the dolphins tomorrow afternoon. Wish you could be here!!! Read more about Hello from Roatan

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